The Atlantic Road

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The Atlantic Road is a unique stretch of road that connects Averøy with a mainland connection to Kristiansund.

This stretch brings you all the way to where the mainland ends and the great ocean begins. The infinite greatness of the ocean will be a memory most people will carry and preserve forever. The Atlantic Road is a fantastic sight in both storm and silent weather as it winds over bridges and islets all the way to the sea.

Here are trails in light terrain, shiny rocky mountains and fine fishing grounds. A few steps to the west, the important shipping lane passes over the notorious Hustadvika, where countless shipwrecks lie on the seabed. During the summer months, the tourist information on the Atlantic Road is open to tourists and other travellers. Here you will find people with local knowledge who can tell you everything you need to know about Atlantic Road, Averøy and Nordmøre. They speak both English and German.

At the tourist information desk you can also buy unique souvenirs from the Atlantic Road. We recommend a stop at the tourist information, then you will really benefit and enjoy your trip.

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