Sea fishing

Photo: Feskberja

Feskberja has fantastic fishing opportunities nearby. Here you can experience deep sea fishing with visits to old fishing villages or you can fish from land.

Feskberja has two types of boats for hire:

Pioneer 15 feet for 1-2 people, and a 19 foot boat with sonar and chart machine for 1-3 persons.

By boat you can reach the beautiful seaside town of Kristiansund. You can add to the quay and experience several great restaurants and serveralities. Kristiansund has several fishing opportunities already from the piers in the center and extends in all bills. The deep fjords around offer a wide range of species fishing and you can get cod, saithe, mackerel, lyse and haddock on the grounds and pelagic water layers.

You can also go to Grip 12 km northwest of Kristiansund. The island is without permanent settlement, but the settlement is original and used as a recreational building. Grip is an old fishing village that was important as early as the Middle Ages. Grip is a lovely place for anglers seeking some excitement. We recommend a trip out here when the weather is nice.

Photo: Feskberja


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