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Photo: Ken A. Jenssen / Operaen i Kristiansund

Make your stay at Feskberja unique by experiencing the cultural life of the surrounding region.

The Opera festivals in Kristiansund

Kristiansund is a 10-minute drive from Feskberja. Here is also Norway’s oldest opera. The Opera in Kristiansund offers a rich program that extends throughout the year. But every February the Opera Festivals are organized – where for 17 days there are opera performances in Festiviteten, at restaurants, pubs, nursing homes and kindergartens. If you want to experience unique music experiences, we recommend a visit to the Opera in Kristiansund. Read more and book tickets for performances at the Opera’s website


Tahitifestivalen is held every summer at the Tahiti Bridge on Innlandet in Kristiansund. The festival lasts for less than a week and has close to 20,000 visitors and is the largest festival in the county of Møre og Romsdal. Here famous artists play and there is a great atmosphere until far into the evening. You can take the Sundbåt (a boat going between the islands in Kr.sund) to and from Innlandet from 3 other islands, or add a boat to the quays in Kristiansund. A visit to the Tahiti festival is recommended. Read more about the Tahiti festival and watch this year’s program at:


Skjærvafest is a two-day music festival with the main focus on music. Here you will find established artists and young talents in beautiful association. The festival takes place on the shallow beach on the Inland in Kristiansund, in powerful Northern Morning nature, right in the heart of the city. Read more about Skjervafest on Visit Norway´s homepage, and order tickets on TicketCo.


Kulturfabrikken is a concert, cultural and rehearsal room in Kristiansund, which was built and converted from an old pellet factory into a fantastic room. Here concerts and cultural events are held, and there are regular opening hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tickets for events are available at and you can read more about Kulturfabrikken and see upcoming events on their Facebook page:

Festiviteten in Kristiansund. Photo: Roar / Visit Northwest


Take the Sundbåt to Tahitifestivalen in Kristiansund. Photo: Frode Alnæs.

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