Old fishing villages

Photo: Feskberja

When you stay at Feskberja, you can experience sea fishing with visits to old fishing villages, where Grip is the most famous. Grip is located in the middle of the sea gap, 12 km northwest of Kristiansund.

A fishing village is places along the coast where fishermen lived on land during fishing. Previously, seasonal seasonal fishermen from Nordmøre were hired on Grip during the spring fishing season.

There was also dried clipfish where the fish is first washed, then salted and dried on the rocks. The clipfish is important to Kristiansund and Nordmøre – and is one of the basic commodities in the Kristiansund court Bacalao. This is a stew with cut fish, potatoes, onions, tomato puree, pimiento, olive oil and cayenne pepper. Most fine dining places on Nordmøre serve this dish, and it just has to be tasted! In addition, we recommend tasting gratinated clipfish.

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Photo: Feskberja

In the picture above you see the washing and drying process of clipfish. 


Photo: Johan Wildhagen / visitnorthwest.no

The old fishing village, Grip, outside Kristiansund. 


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