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Kristiansund is beautifully situated, at the far end of the sea on 4 islands which together form a unique harbor area. It is believed that Norway’s first settlers lived here.

Kristiansund is Norway’s clipfish town, with live traditions of bacalao and clipfish dishes served at all restaurants and most cafeterias in the city. In addition, the town has a street kitchen that serves one of Kristiansund’s specialties – real Fish and chips, locally called “fishan”.

Kristiansund has Norway’s most active oil service base outside the city. This creates extra lively traffic with supply vessels and special vessels in the harbour, and helicopter traffic in and out of the installations in the Norwegian Sea.

The cultural city of Kristiansund claims strongly. Kristiansund is called the “Opera City”, it is not without reason. About 100 different performances are shown here every year. In addition, about 600-700 young people dance in this city. Every year, events such as the Opera Festivals, Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, Clipfishfestival, Tahiti Festival, outdoor opera performance “Donna Bacalao” and Kristiansund Church Arts and Culture Festival are held, just to name a few.

Kristiansund was almost wiped out in 1940, nearly 900 houses burned down after the city bombed. The city that meets visitors today has been built up over the last 50 years. The city lost its old character, which is visible to those who visit the old town on the lower part of Innlandet.

But the new city also has a distinctive character; Notice the happy colors in which the houses are painted, and see how the center of Kirkelandet has turned the houses with the gable side out onto the street or quay, as the clipfish docks were and are being built.

Kristiansund is a clean, beautiful and open city that embraces the harbour. The people of Kristiansund has one thing in common, which may not be so common – they live life and enjoy every second when the city is put in a positive focus. It is a very active cultural life with participation in everyone.

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Photo: Einar Engdal


Photo: Einar Engdal

Take the Sundbåt between the islands – here you see towards the Tahiti bridge where the famous norwegian Tahitifestival is held every summer.

Kristiansund is definitely worth a visit, read more on the websites of Visit Northwest for more inspiration!

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