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Feskberja has great hiking opportunities close by on a beautiful beach area right on the high seas.

Bremsneshula and Bremsneshatten are 3.5 km from Feskberja, and offer fantastic experiences. There is a path to the top of the hat and from here you can see in all directions. Inside the hat there are several caves from the Stone Age.

In addition, the municipality of Averøy has everything from spectacular mountains such as Meeknoken (751 meters above sea level), Gulltanna (591 meters above sea level), Melen, Stemshesten and Sjurvarden.

You also have the opportunity to walk or cycle along the Atlantic Road, which was voted Norway’s best bike ride by the website ut.no in 2010. There is some traffic during the high season (May-September), so this bike ride is not suitable for the very youngest children.

Read more about the hiking opportunities around Feskberja here.

Photo: Steinar Melby / visitnorthwest.no


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